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PSY220 Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley Waggoner Denton

PSY220 Lecture 2Part One Know ThyselfBenjamin Kyle named after initials of Burger King the location in which he was found woke up with retrograde amnesia and nobody could identify himoOnly person whose location is known but still identified as missingidentity was completely unknownoMemories are vital to ones identitySelfconceptoAn individuals overall beliefs about his or her own attributionsa cognitive understanding of their own traitsoContextual effects expressing attributes in a different way depending on contextEx You would introduce yourself as a Canadian if you are anywhere but CanadaoDevelopmental differences expressing attributes in a different way depending on your stage in development ie child teenager adult etcEx A child tends to identify themselves with physical traits and visible characteristics hair colour height etc while an adult would focus on abstract selfconcepts with emphasis on psychological characteristics ie job hobbies etcoCultural differences individualist vs collectivist Selfawareness a state of being aware of oneself as an object of ones thoughtsoEx Looking at yourself in the mirroroPeople who are more selfaware are more likely to match their behavior to their own personal standardsIndependent selfconstrual Individualist conception of the self as autonomous and independent from othersoProminent in the Western cultureoA person is described with a unique set of attributes and traitsA persons behavior arises from these traitsInterdependent selfconstrual Collectivist conception of the self as connected to others
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