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PSY220 Lecture 5

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

PSY220 Lecture 5Conflict and AggressionIntergroup conflictoIntergroup relations is the way in which people in groups perceive think about feel about and act towards people in groupsInteracting with one another in terms of group membership rather than individual exchangesEx Blue eyed and brown eyed kidsoConflict is a perceived incompatibility of goals between two or more partiesoGroups are often more aggressive and competitive than individualsEx Hot sauce study MeierHinsz 2004Either a group or an individual is asked to doll out hot sauce to a competing groupwhen the amount of hot sauce is compared the group would always give out more oGroups fight over two main thingsMaterial resources money water food etcSocial rewards power respect esteem etcHow does conflict arise over material resourcesoRealistic conflict theoryIntergroup hostility conflict and aggression arise from competition among groups for material resources andor social rewardsRobbers Cave experimentthree stages1 22 goodhearted boys who were all strangers to one another were places into one of two groups Rattlers and Eaglesingroups were formedoGroups were not aware of the other groupexisted on opposite sides of the lake2 After a few days groups were introduced to each other and they began to compete in various activities capture the flag tugofwar etcoutgroup hostility became very apparent intergroup conflictoHow do you decrease the amount of intergroup conflict3 Researcher then created tasks in which the groups had to work together to achieve a goal ie watch a movieoAfter one cooperative event Intergroup conflict still existed but was less apparentoIt took around six cooperative events before the intergroup conflict had diminishedoWhen asked to choose a partner students picked more outgroup members though intragroup preference still prominent had reduced drastically thoughoRelative deprivation theoryIntergroup hostility conflict and aggression arises from social comparisons with other groups and not from objective reality ie not material resourcesEgoistic relative deprivationoThe sense that youare doing worse than other individualsFraternal relative deprivationleads to intergroup conflictoThe sense that ones group is doing worse than other groupsoSeveral key factors must be in place for feelings of fraternal deprivation to come aboutNot possessingand somebody else doesWanting Feeling entitled to Attainingis possibleNot your fault that you dont have
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