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Lecture 6

PSY220 Lecture 6

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

Lecture 6 Attitudes and persuasionWhat is an attitudeoAttitudea cognitive representation that summarizes an individuals evaluation of a particular attitude objectoAttitude objectanything that someone can hold an attitude towardsPerson group object action idea etcoWhy do we carePrediction of behaviouroAttitudes have 2 key dimensionsDirection intensityoDirection positivenegativeoIntensity more intenseless intenseAmbivalent attitudes sometimes our attitudes towards objects can be both positive and negativeoNot the same as having neutral attitudeHow do attitudes formoSome methodsClassical conditioningMere exposureOperant conditioningObservational learning modelingClassical conditioningoEvaluative conditioning can influence the formation of new attitudes as well existing attitudesEx Pokemon characters black and white facesoOlson and Fazio 2001Ps see 100 parings of photographsCertain pokemon characters consistently paired with negative or positivePreferred positively paired characters over negatively paired characters as measured on an IATWhy do we have attitudesoFour key functions of attitudeUtilitarian function instrumental functionRefers to fact that attitudes alert us to rewarding objects or situations we should approach and punishing objects or situations we should avoid ex Food preferencesHelps us identify rewards and threatsEgodefensive functionAn attitudinal function that enables us to maintain cherished beliefs about ourselves by protecting us from awareness of our negative attributes and impulses or from facts that contradict our cherished beliefs
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