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Lecture 7

PSY220 Lecture 7

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

Social Influence Norms ConformityComplianceNovember0413611 PM Social NormsGenerally accepted ways of thinking feeling or behaving that most people in a group agree on and endorse as right and properoSocial norms we all know it exists but its hard to pinpoint itoOne way to see it is by breaking itEx Prof talking to the wall instead of the students Descriptive social norms What people actually think feel or doInjunctive or prescriptive social norms What people should think feel or doMany norms have both of these qualitiesEg The norm that you cover your mouth while sneezing Most people agree this is something you should do and people also tend to do this People tend to conform to norms for two reasonsInformational influence A group has informational influence if we adopt the group consensus because it seems correctwe believe the groups norm reflects realityoHas to do w mastery goals Normative Influence A group has normative influence if we adopt the group consensus to show identification with the groupwanting to win respect and acceptance from the other group membersoIs every bit as powerful as informational influenceoThis has to do w connectedness goalsSocial Norms FormationAdherenceHow do these social norms form Where do they come fromoInteractioncommunication among group members leads to convergencepeople become more alike in their thoughts feelings and behaviors Classic studiesSherif 1936Asch 1955 Social Norm Formation Sherif 1936Autokinetic effect In a dark room a stationary point of light will appear to moveoVisual illusion oPeople in a pitch dark room will see a stationary light to be moving Participants task was to simply estimate how far the light had moved When by themselves participants guesses varied dramaticallyoOne footoHalf an inch
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