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Lecture 8

PSY220 Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley Waggoner Denton

lecture 8running on a treadmill alone vs running on one theres people around presence of other people we will run longer push ourself harderperform betterof course theres a subjective differenceother people help you perform betteranswering jerprody questionsby yourself at home you perfrom well but at the studio and theres camerasyou will perfrom worse when theres other people aroundnow your performance sucks Why does the presence of others sometimes help and sometimes hinder performanceThe presence of others increases arousal When there is other people there it automatcially increases our arousal and depedning on the situationzionsit can be good or bad Social FacilitationArousal facilitates helps the performance of accessible dominant behaviorsSimple well learned andor highly practiced behaviours Second nature to us are dominat behavuoursthey dont need to be well parcticed Higly practiced behaviors usually are performed better infront of other people but practices that we arent so good at like complex or new then people around and the arousal that comes leads to bad performance Social InhibitionArousal inhibits hinders the performance of less accessible nondominant behaviours Complex new andor unpracticed behavioursWhen other people around we tend to do worse Why does the presence of others increase arousalAccording to Zajonc 1965 all creatures have an innate tendency to be aroused by members of their speciesFound evidence of facilitation effects in cockroaches Found in all species Roachesshowed the social inhibtion effect Simple maze vs complex maze Theres a lightthere scared of light and they have to run to the end of the maze and he timed how long it took them he manipulated the audiecneso some boxes looked like there were other roaches watching He found that in the simple maze they were going with their dominat response and they solved the maze faster when there were otheers prescenceBut they perfromed worse on the complex maze when they thought they were being wacthed This showed that this arousal in the precesnce of othersthe inhibiton effectis not only unique to humans but also to non human species Why does the presence of others increase arousalEvaluation apprehension We worry about other people judging us and this increases arousalWhen we are concerned about being evaluated we perform simple tasks better and difficult tasks worsePerforming in the Presence of OthersEg Bartis et al 1988 Manipulated evaluation apprehensionParticipants would either receive individual evaluations on their performance or notManipulated task difficultyDevising as many uses for a knife as possible vs being as creative as possible in devising uses for the knifeThey perform the task and some are told they will get feedback or not and manipulated the diffuclty of the task as wellComplex conditionbe as creative as possible so its more complex Simple tasksthey performed better when they knew they were being evaluated but when they knew that were being evaluated for the difficult task they peformed worse What if you know youre being monitored but no one is actually presentEg Your progress is being monitored electronicallySame effects as live othersThe presence of nonevaluative or supportive observers may not be stressful but having a friendfamily member present may still lead to reduced performance on a newdifficult taskWhy What if you know your being watched but the people arent physically there you get the same effect still even if the people wont evaluate you like a family memberit still effects youDistractionOccurs when we think about the other people react to them monitor what theyre doing etc
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