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Lecture 9

PSY220 Lecture 9

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

lec 9Prosocial BehaviourProsocial behaviour Behaviour whose immediate goal is to help or benefit others Can take many different formsExample Organ DonationWhat factors do you think contribute to peoples intent to donate their organs Living organ donors For certain organs you can be a living donar like for a kidney piece of liver because you dont need two kidneysThere are anonoymous organ donorwho just gives to people they havent met before Empathy is a factorputting yourself in someone elses shoe What other factorsPostive attitudes toward the behaviour of being organ donor 2People who want to help others they just have this desire 3Knowing someone who has received or donated an organ Is Helping in our GenesThree ways in which helping others could be evolutionarily beneficial1Benefits to the individualHelping sometimes involves a reward for the helper as well as the helpeeReciprocal helping When you help someone they are likely to repay this in the future which may improve your chances of survival 2Benefits to kinHelping kin family who share your genes means that youve increased the likelihood of their survival and passing those shared genes on to the next generationEg Alarm cries in animalsThe crier takes a big risk but it increases the chance his family will survive an attack More likely to help those who share our genesAlrarm criers in animalsground squrielesthey see a predator approaching and the cries to warn everyone elsecrier make themelsves vulnerable but they also protect their kin group family This is prosocial help in animal 1Benefits to the groupGroups with prosocial rather than selfish members are often more likely to survive particularly in bad times eg famine conflict
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