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Lecture 1

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Jennifer Fortune

Introduction to Social Psychology What is Social PsychologyThe study of how individuals thoughts feelings and behaviours are influenced by other people4 key components of this definition y Influenced by other peoplehow others make us act a certain way they affect our behaviour and actions Thoughts feelings and behaviourswhat are your beliefs Where did they arise from y y Individuals perspectiveinterested in peoples objectivesubjective perspective how you see things whether they are accurate or nothow does the average individual experience certain situations culturebeliefsetc alter the way we thinksee things y Scientific studycreate theories to describe how people act in situations How Other People Affect UsOther people affect how we interpret eventsex bystander effectwalk past someone who may or may not need help unclear so how do you decide to help Can look at others to see if theyre helping out people less likely to offer help when theyre in groups rather than alonepresence of others affects how you seejudge situationsOther people affect how we feel about ourselvesex if were doing better than our peers wefeel better about ourselves if were doing worse we feel bad about ourselvesaspire to be like certain people role models Other people affect how we behaved inviduationpeople in large groups feel anonymousand feel their actions hold no consequences go beyond boundaries of normal behaviour because dont feel personally responsible for our actions Social Psychology Just Common SenseSocial psych is sometimes subjected to the i knew it all along phenomenon y Many social psychological findings confirm our intuitions y Many other findings however disconfirm intuitiondisconfirm our theoriesintuitionsy Science triumphs intuitionHindsight appears clearer than it is y Hindsight biastendency to believe that we had or could have easily predicted an outcome ahead of time after learning of the result ex Telgan 1986 Social Psychology BenefitsBeing an informed citizenusing scientific findings to form strategies for dealing with social problems and social issuesApplying social psychological knowledge to the real worldhealth business politics law etcUnderstanding the influences on your own life
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