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Lecture 4

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Jennifer Fortune

Attitudes and Attitude Change Attitudes and Attitude ChangeWhat are attitudes and why do we have themHow do we measure attitudesHow are attitudes formedHow do we change attitudes and behaviours Attitudes versus BeliefsAttitudes global evaluations toward some object or issue evaluative component of whether something is positive or negative taking a stance on something y Coffee is deliciousan evaluation of the coffee Beliefs pieces of information about something facts or opinions what things are dont containevaluation thinking about a fact of something y Coffee contains caffeinea fact about coffee Why Do We Have AttitudesGeneral attitudes facilitate quick efficient decision making in specific situationsHelp us adjust to new situations y Even though you usually get coffee from Starbucks its okay if you get coffee from Tim Hortons this one time Processing and remembering information is not enoughwe need the evaluative component to guide future behaviour To evaluate objectsobjectappraisal function y When we encounter an object we need to know whether to approach or avoid it whether its negative or positive Coffee is deliciousdrinking coffee is safe enjoyable positive attitudeThe smell of coffee is repulsivedrinking coffee makes me feel sick negative attitudeBad is Stronger than GoodBadgood is the most basic level of categorizationUpon identifying something new people immediately and unconsciously decide whether it is bad or good people dont intend to do so y This initial reaction can be changed with further thought but we dont always apply further thoughtex with an attitude towards coffee its not that serious so it doesnt need further thought for thatBaumeister et al 2001 y Bad emotions bad parents and bad feedback have more impact that good ones y Bad information is processed more thoroughly than goodif someones giving you good feedback you dont need to do much to change
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