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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

Conformity Compliance and ObedienceThese three terms have a negative connotation in an individualistic culture They are not necessarily badcan be good or bad depends on situation y Conformityfollowing norms of the social situation y Compliancechange in behaviour requested by another asked to y Obediencechange in behaviour demanded by another persongroup told toConformityPeople conform to social norms when they think people are watchingMunger and Harris 1989 y Covertly observed people in the bathroomy 77 of women washed their hands in a restroom when they thought someone was there y 39 washed their hands when they thought no one else was thereTwo Types of Social InfluenceNormative influencegoing along with the crowd in order to be liked and accepteddoing what everyone else is doing bc it would be weird if you didnt Informational influencegoing along with the crowd because you think they know more than youwhen people honestly dont know what to do they look around to see what the appropriate action isdepends on the social situationNormative InfluenceHumans have a fundamental need to belong in social groupsFor groups to be effective they must have a set of values attitudes and behaviourspeople conform to the groups rules in order to be liked and included by the group People will conform even in a group of complete strangersThe Asch StudiesA very influential series of experiments on conformityAsch asked participants to judge which of three lines matched a comparison liney Typically there was only one real participant in aroom full of confederatesy Confederates mostly all told to say a different line was the same when it really wasntmany of the participants went along with the others and agreed with their answer Group size y Asch varied the number of confederates from 1 to 15y The level of conformity increases as the group size increases Dissenty A dissenter reduced conformity by about confederate who gives the proper answer gives some participants the confidence to give the correct answer instead of the majority
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