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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviour AGGRESSION AND ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOURStanford Prison ExperimentPhilip Zimbardo 1973Study was exploratory in natureExploring the interpersonal dynamics of a prison in a simulated prison environment IVs assignment to prisoners or guardsDVs y Transactions between and within each group recorded on video and directly observed y Individual reactions on questionnaires mood inventories personality tests daily guard shift reports and postexperiment interviews What happened y Guardso Became hostile and dehumanizing towards the prisoners o Exercised their authority power activelyy Prisoners o Rebelled at first but quickly accepted their roleso Became docile withdrawn and helplessy The results were so disturbing that the experiment was halted after 6 days originally the experiment was planned to last two weekso Prisoners were relieved guards were disappointedDefining AggressionAggressiony An observable behaviour y Intent is to harmex dental pain is not aggressive because intent is not to harm y Victim wants to avoid harmex dental patients payfor procedure not avoiding harm Violenceaggression with the goal of extreme physical harmTypes of AggressionHostile aggression y Hot impulsive y Motivated by a desire to harmovercome by negative emotions y Ex husband comes home and find other man in bed with their wife shoots the man Instrumental aggression y Cold premeditatedy Motivated by some other goal ex money prestige
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