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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

Two Perspectives The Perceiver and the TargetThe target y The person who encounters stereotyping prejudice and discrimination from others y Relatively new perspective in prejudice research started in 1980sDefinitions Stereotypes y Set of beliefs about the personal traits and attributes of a group of peopleimpossible for every single member of that group to follow the same attributes that makes it a stereotype ex not all Asians are good at mathy Can be negative or positive y Commonly studied stereotypes o Black people are hostile and aggressive o Men are violento Women are poor at math o Asian people are good at math Prejudice y Attitude towards or evaluation of members of a group y How can we recognize prejudiceo Sam evaluation is applied towards member of a particular group as a whole o It is impossible for anyone of us to know all members of a particular group y Evaluations can be positive or negativeusually involves negative judgments though Two Types of PrejudiceExplicity Controlled intended evaluations of members of a group y Measurement toolsselfreport scales Implicit y Automatic unintended associations between categories and stereotype contenty Measurement tools o Implicit Association Test refer to attitudes lecture o Lexical Decision Task Lexical Decision TaskParticipants view letter stringsThree types of stringsnatural not associated with automatic stereotype word youre observing stereotypeconsistent word ex word hostile pronounceable nonword string of letters not spelling a wordTask is to quickly identify whether each string is a word yes or no response Logicfast responses to stereotypeconsistent words indicate implicit prejudice
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