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Emotions and Relationships

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

OSE TIOTIONSHIPS EMORELApril 6 ly ed to that e reaction to aluativ t an emotion is until ask ha ent. .” 1984 : a co:scifu:eve arustmtethartisnos ws w . oe kno er e a definitionl, e to some ev Ev F “ giv † somethingk something is good or bad. Emotion… … … … s emotion. Emotion eeeling of Theory of e these bodily reactions then ocesses come first and the mind’ pr Jmes-L…ngpercreates the subjectiv ates ducing o h activ , whic Emotionus vus system (pr ate the thalamotion) and the uli activusal). ducing an eutonomic ner o (pr te yothalamogical ar Emotih ph stim Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion e label that specifies er Theory of -ing ter h hac ousal, and a cognitiv Sc …motion has 2 components: a bodily state of pothesis y k h . om the face k frk Fedm magnifies emotions Fcial …eedbac ss cultures o pressions x er a AngDisuspeinesdnrpsrise Sixrasic emotions can be reliably distinguished Emotions acr almost ideo:htT/wWwThat video has been viewed V … … , bad emotions come to mind & Frijda, 1993 emotional personality traits, there were 74% ofemFotoosioCwmsdcueasalyere for bad Aer†ll,†1980Vn †ooz†n Bad is stronger than good Pleasant High arousal Low arousal our emotion categories F Unpleasant Pleasant Low arousal High arousal Angry Unpleasant GuiltPmrEmbarrassment Social emotions ound happinass,g the e scless the u r smilthe lips . This hnne acting m al or fak ners of heeks & opens the mouth. Duccorcontr e Re … … ningoices e emotions? t of) h (sor e hav and leat) decision-making y do w omote belongingness Pr CauGsubeuthelurandohurnd c Wh Emotios… . … … … is linked to is linked to positive reflect damagedpeople to form & omote belongingness breaking social bonds Foemotions;palbeSnifkgmaintain good relationships. Emotions pr … … of) t (sor wants to change or state. . the individual Aubtmhahceescape an emotionalavider it is usually Emotions cause behaviour ning lear that had a lot of the environment system that helps Damasio, 1997 & ranel thinking and T a feedback drew cards fthe losing decks.. actionsdecks contained “win money” cards, others hadd to draw PaSt“pMntstncards fromd learn to avoid decks Empeopdlepricess information about Emotions guide… … s feel, but they tend to how long they would feel that hoices . fective forecasting: predicting one’ AfemoMoostoverestimateiuna.trrstctints. (Anatcdpcted) Emotions guide decisions emothens accurately assessing decision- may bias t) people rely on hur them from appealing photographs thought to contract an STI from a high-risk likely risk, Gerrard, 1997ons tharo.sal preventedw neutral photographs. Methwpartnerslxually Risto evaluates.h&ypothesis: Emotmakingelp (and… emotions e positfcult tasks. PersisMeaaeksnmplrrsk-averle. Other benefits of men o xeriencedard; w , recorded their . . oen e nt off ng & awkw e o e str oen carried beepers but these are not emotions k, 1999 Plec
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