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Lecture 1 - September 14, 2012 term tests not cumulative What is behaviour?  behaviour is the subjects' movement in space and time (methodological definition)  o can't test learning and memory directly b/c you don't know what the animal is thinking o what you can measure is the performance (lots of variables come into play when measuring performance) o  can measure behavioural responses  behaviour is the window to the brain (experimental neuroscientist definition)  behaviour is the output of the brain  even the most complex behavioural phenomena are the result of the functioning of the nervous system  anything and evreything that you feel and do is the result of the biological organ Psychology and Biology  psych deals w/ numerous aspects of animal and human behaviour  psych traditionally belonged to social sciences and sometimes treated the brain as a black box  nowadays discipline is regarded as part of natural sciences and psych uses numerous concepts and methods of biology Two fundamentally distinct questions  proximate question (phenogenetic causation) concerns the biological + physiological mechannisms of behaviour  o "How do things work?"  Ultimate question (phylogenetic causation) concerns the evolution and adaptive aspect of behaviour 
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