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PSY230 Freud lecture 1

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Jordan Peterson

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th January 30 , 2013 SIGMUND FREUD P.o.v./focus: Family People who cannot get out of their family – psychopathologies Lots of power play in families; according to Freud sibling rivalry can be murderous (children need attention; attention = money) Nasty game: attending to daughter and son over wife and husband (sexual contamination starts here) Borderlines in family not clearly drawn Reasons: Humans are parabondic creatures – circuit initially evolved to establish relationship between mother and child; also used to bond with partner (less prevalent in males than in females). The median (50 percentile) woman is more agreeable than 85% of males, who are more predatory than 85% of females (Bi g Five). The more egalitarian the state, the bigger the differences between men and women in traits If you eradicate environmental variability, genetic variability maximizes (it doesn’t just disappear). The fundamental bonds between romantic partners – elaborations of circuitry used by mammals to bond with their children (lots of touching, closeness, infantile terms of endearment) Sexuality also bonds two people together – sexual abuse most common in families (100 times more chances of this if there is a stepparent) Freud’s fundamental observation: It’s very hard for one to grow up and leave their family Battle between child, mother, father Usually happens through careful, well-practiced manipulation Oedipal manipulation: make child feel guilty every time they do something independent (idea of “betrayal”) Lion King Classic Oedipal complex (“every man wants to kill his father and marry his mother”): Simba kills his father (partly because he is enticed into this by his malevolent uncle); act of rebellion If you abandon your culture, you are completely useless – you are letting it decay Tom Sawyer Every young ma
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