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PSY230 Freud lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Jordan Peterson

Lecture 9 Freud: primary mythological battle is within family Queen from Sleeping Beauty is quasi-familial, completely archetypal Transformation to primordial creature – dragon; no longer female Heroic prince must be sufficiently mature to wake up whatever is sleeping within Sleeping Beauty. Possessed woman accepts immature male because she wants power (he’s useless and she wants the upper hand). Evil Queen’s goal: keep prince in castle until he is extremely old Cross on shield  death and resurrection (shamanic initiation) Radical change – part of you dies and is reborn (let go of who you were – chaotic resurrection) Sword  truth and verbal articulation Words are like a sword – they divide chaos and order (one of humans’ greatest ideas) Dragon – fundamental chaos before separation into chaos, unknown, hero Consciousness = male, unconsciousness = female Why? Unconsciousness if the substrate from which forms arise (female) Women are as nature (selection) as men can get Disagreeableness  male behaviour  capacity of critical thought associated with primitive functions Sword associated with judgement Christ comes back with swords in his head – separates majority into unredeemed and minority into redeemed. Jung: flowers & rainbows (Sleeping Beauty) – Phillip’s relationship wit
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