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Lecture 1

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Maja Djikic

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Low constraint with friends at home at school High constraint classroom funeral Personality distinct feelings that characterize a persons adjustment to the demands of life different conception of person and therefor personality Academic v Clinicalacademic setting uses the scientific method whereas the clinical setting uses case historiesScientific places emphasis on verifiable predictable simplicity and usefulness The philosophical statementplaces emphasis on coherence relevance and compellingnessFreud1880s Vienna was male dominated there was repression of sexuality and lack of contraception corporal punishment of children Freud was the favourite son of a young mother Freud had a travelling grant met Charcot who had treated Anna OShe had aggressive behaviour and linguistic disorganization Talking cure neurosis arose from painful experiences caring for dying father She faced blindness bc she had teary eyes when watching father Eventually she worked for childrens rightsActual Neurosis Neuroasthemia masturbationHysteria sexual abuse past obessions 1896 Father died he felt a jealousy towards father Was it because of his young mother or a general phenomenon Id repressed material unconscious negative The superego is the ideal part of a person watching judging The ego is the mediator between the two Language is ego For example the id would wa
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