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Lecture 2

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Maja Djikic

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PSY230H1 Sept 21Analytical Psychology Jungs mother was haughty ugly made the Oedipus complex seem odd his father was boring and kind he had fainting episodes he faced a religious crisis Studied medicine on scholarship and psychiatry with Bleur Burholzi reaction very longvery unusualComplex group of related feelings and ideas felt for women complexes that were erotic were related to children and family There were accidental complexes For hysteria there were complexes relating to an old secret one could conquer this complex and assimilate and therefore be cured What are times when your defenses are down Tired drunk angry Jung never accepted Oedipus complex Creative illness self analysis write down dreamsFelt submerged by own unconscious imposed several rules strong ties to reality Unconscious Repress it exhaust it or submerge it Personal unconscious is organized into personality and collective unconscious are organized into personalitiesArchetypal images are manifest actions universal eg wise old man Persona conventional attitudes that people adapt bc of jobs many personas dissonance in persona Shadow the side of personality in person people do not want to be seen can be unaware of the shadowAnimus Anima anima in man animus in women one can project an anima on person Another example of archetypes are spi
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