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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Horney, Fromm

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University of Toronto St. George
Maja Djikic

PSY230H1F Lecture 3Sept 28 2011No Gymnasium for girls in Hamburg wo Essay prob 13 theorists 13 your opinion of 13 which couldnt train to pass university how prob should be solved Use I believe can admittance examsinclude how the theories explain the cause Couldnt even get into prep schoolIn 1890s woman not a legal person she Karen HorneyBiographical contextcouldnt wo husbands permissionst1 woman to discuss psychology of womenTake a job Sign a contract Enroll Only 100 years agochildren to school Keep wagesInternalization of negativity hateProhibited from voting Attending public Treated like object dont come out meetingsunscathed psychologically since your 1900laws changed slightly 5 women elders were raised w the same enrolled at the Medical School of University psychologyof FreiburgRight to vote only for 100yrs190420Predominant view of women 100 yrs ago 190634year Horney enrolledststUsed to bear raise children be nun one of 1 in 1 gen of women in med can nurse nanny nurse in the last school200 yrs cook clean sex teach as long 3 daughtersas not married in the last 200 yrs but Works in hospital receives psychoanalytic husband would receive pay run patients at home similar to FJ started household if husbandbrotherfather medical then psychotherapyrich common in brothelsLife revolves around Berlin Psychoanalytic Not considered personsInstituteIn Berlin not Vienna future course of Couldnt work outside homepsychoanalytic training chartedas J said experience forms Easier to think independently of Fpsychology the past 2000 yrs have Institute provided free psychoanalysis to affected the psyche of both men and women cant happen separatelyin poorisolation and their interactions1932 Moved to US as Associate Director of Born in Hamburg in 1885Chicago Psychoanalytic InstituteFather 1934 Moved to New York CitySeafarer Very rarely home Religious Private practicetraditionalTaught at New York Psychoanalytic InstituteMotherLeft in 1941 due to differences w F 14 years younger than husbandfounded Did not get along her husband his children Association for the Advancement of from previous marriageproject to own Psychoanalysis children asking them to take sidesAmerican Institute of PsychoanalysisVery unhappy w own marriage19101917Told her children they were her only stIndependent one of 1 female medical happiness place quite a bit of heavy doctors has everything a women could want burden on thembut unsatisfiedKarenDepressionConsidered her family environment toxicst Psychoanalysis w Karl Abrahamone of 1Second childmen to talk about female psychology vs FSmart one w characterbarely discussed womenKnew how to get her way Becomes the intellectual emotional pursuit Dismissed her fathers faith as nave of her lifehypocritical6 sessions a wk for a year trying to Rejected his traditionunderstand her fatiguedepressionWanted to be a medical doctorOften hears theories not very fitting to her Father disapprovedcaseMother encouragedEarly 1911 Attends seminars w Karl Brother BerndtstAbraham presents original contributionsAdored 1 child goodlooking charming1912 Starts practicing psychoanalysis In 1899resent original contributionsNo German universities admitted womenPsychoanalytic View of Womensay that the performances of human F ideas entirely shaped by his environmentbeing especially in intellectual Liked independentstrong womensphere belong to one or other sex This type of woman is wellBut thought of them as feeble mindedrepresented in womens movement weakof todayActivitymasculinity Passivitybhv Catalogues wishful vengeful rfemininity on part of womenYoung girl becomes aware of her stunted Fixed stareErectionpenis concludes male organ is the norm Bedwetting during intercourse once had a penis but lost it thru castrationrepresents infantile desire to Envy of male takes hold and lasts a urinate in the male positionlifetimeIn some women a nose is a Most a woman can hope for in life is to surrogate for the male genital marry well have childrenresulting in redness and swellingThe child shall fulfill those wishful dreams allergiesof the parents which they never carried out Thrusting an umbrella into groundthe boy shall become a great mana or using hose for watering gardenhero in his fathers placethe girl shall unconscious expressions of the marry a prince as a tardy compensation for childish wish for a penisher motherKleptomaniaway of taking After 1905 doesnt discuss femaleforcible possession of the giftdevelopmentwhich hasnt been receivedWhen girls mentionednotes The Predominant view of womensame is true for girls only in reverseof course Hs depression didnt Problemgo away from therapy w ACharcot Theorys all very well but it doesnt prevent things from existingOn the Genesis of Castration Complex in Facts were disagreeing w FWomen 1922Only after 1925 30 years after starting 2 yrs later H presents a rejoinder to As paperpsychoanalytic practice F conceded that Mild dissent trying not to be dramaticfirst attachment for girlsboys is to Trying to be diplomaticmotheradmitted flaw in Electra complexFocus on disappointment by father not Only other serious contribution to female necessarily about being with him sexually development by Karl Abrahamactually about why the girl has to stay at Girls finds out doesnt have a penishomenot get to do what brother does so Spontaneously produces castration why doesnt father allow those access to theorysame opportunitiesVagina considered wound turns wants into a sociology Permanently defectiveperspectiveHope for gift of penis from father that 19221935later turns into desire to have child w Wrote 14 papers on psychology of womenthe fatherFs references to womenmore negativeHes giving her therapyThe male sex seems to have taken the After latency period same feelings lead in all moral acquisitions and they directed onto new male objectseem to have then been transmitted to Abrahamwomen by crossinheritance The Ego and Remnants of Electra Complex the IdremainThe genetic material women have Menstrual bloodreminder of has no moral acquisitionno castrationmorality except thru inheritance Unhealthy girls eitherfrom fatherRefuse their femininity become P rimacy of the phallus for both sexes inhomosexualearly childhoodOr Become intellectualMaleness combines subject activitythe repressed wish to be male is possession of the penis Femaleness takes sublimated into masculine interests over object and passivity The vagina of an intellectualprofessional valued as a place of shelter for the penischaracterConsider it irrelevant to
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