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Albert Ellis

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University of Toronto St. George
Maja Djikic

Albert EllisIntroduced rational psychotherapy Changed it to rational emotive therapy Changed it once more to rational emotive behaviour therapy Philosophical Origins go back to stoic philosophers especially Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus People are not disturbed by things but by the view which they take on themAs well as Immanuel Kant on cognition and ideation Bertrand Russell emphasized importance of testing hypotheses Adlers idea that everything depends on opinion is very important for REBT Ellis thought himself a postmodern constructivistConscious and unconscious absolutistic philosophical tenents lead to difficultiesPeople have strong tendencies to selfactualize and defeat Spirituality and etc can help but not when it is absolutistic supernatural very religious etc The theory of rational emotive behaviour therapyA theory of personality that arises from its theory of personality changeWe are sign symbol and language creating animals that use four fundamental processes perception movement thinking and emotion They are interrelated Thinkingbrain activity perception emotion movement One perceives moves feels and thinks about a problem and situation Emotion is a combination of related phenomenon They are always interacting A comprehensive
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