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Carl Rogers

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University of Toronto St. George
Maja Djikic

Carl RogersHis theory of personalityInfluenced by phenomenologyIndividuals exist in the center of a phenomenal field PhenomenonGreek phainomenon that which appears or shows itself Study of human awareness and perception What is important is how an event is perceived and understood by the individual Reality is essentially a personal matter Commonly shared perceptions are often considered correct Understanding the individual is done better through looking at how they see not objective truths ActualizationPrimary tendency is to maintain actualize and enhance itself the organism It is part of universal life force follows lines laid down by genetics and can be influenced by temperament It is a natural struggle it is natural pain Maturation as defined by its species Our behaviour is goaloriented and emotions facilitate this behaviourOur emotions help us grow and when they are distorted it causes issuesOrganismic valuing process subconsciously guides us toward productive growth experiences provided that it is not overlaid with external rules and values The SelfThrough environment genetics and relationships the concept of I emergesExperiences things etc that help in selfactualization are incorporated into the self concept Things that are not are denied The Selfconcept preconceptions and values that belong to me that have been taken in from othersBecause it in part comes from others it is open to dissociation or estrangement This may result in the actualizing tendency to lead to behaviours that are not actually self actualizing Therefore it is the object of perception There is a distinction between the organismreal self in process of actualizing and the perceived self Through distortion of emotions feelings and experiences are made unaware by the feelerexperiencer They take on the attitudes of others and act as if they are their own direct experiences This way certain expressions that are believed or experienced to be bad will no longer be perceived as being satisfyingetc Through this experiences of self and of the real self do not coincideIntegrity of self concept can be kept however if a parent learns how to curb a childs actions able to accept childs feelings of satisfaction and their own You may explain that certain actions are wrongbad Experiences are symbolized ignored denied or distorted Symbolized accepted into consciousness perceived organized into relationship with the selfDenied or Distorted or Ignored inconsistent with self structure
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