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George Kelly

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University of Toronto St. George
Maja Djikic

George Kelly The Person as a ScientistIn our attempts to understand the world we develop personal constructs that are like hypotheses which make the world more meaningful to us If the constructs fit our experiences we hold onto them if they do not we seek to change them He placed emphasis on the ways in which people construe the world and thus is perceived as a cognitive theorist who stresses the process of knowing as the primary factor in personality development He however felt that his theory should not be classified and instead considered independently The cognitive view rejects behaviourist view that people react passively to stimuli Instead it explores the various ways in which we respond to the environment by actively processing the information we receive into new forms categories and mental representations of the world We actively construct reality Behaviour is in part determined by attitudes expectations and beliefs Constructive AlternativismHis theory is based on the philosophical position constructive alternativism any one event is open to a variety of interpretations The world does not automatically make sense to us and we therefore have to create ways to understand it No reality outside our interpretation
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