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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Maja Djikic

Lecture 8  Attach don’t copy & paste assignment. Can't be mental health (anything found in DSM).  Has to be psychological journal but peer review can be anything Slide 2  Things that appear as they do to us.  A table is a chair to you because you are sitting on it.  Interpretation is the meaning of things.  We can never know what things are directly, we can only know the meaning. Slide 5  1.1.1) If a few things happen, how can we relate them.  1.1.2) We can transcend our own mind – the contents in our mind. We are not able to just think, I can think about thinking, you can think about my thinking. It’s a reflexive thought. Slide 6  It is the lens through which you view the event that affects you rather than the things in it that affect you. Slide 8  The problem is you think you don’t have tools to solve your problem so he provides with the tools to solve. It doesn't matter what he diagnoses you with. Then give you treatment according to diagnosis. To Rank that was awful. If you have similar symptoms you fall into a category and you are all similar. You are making one assumption after another about your problem and what can be done to correct it. Slide 9  2.1) Therapist often mistake the presence of their clients.  2.2) Treat each person as if they are unique. I’m not trying to categorize you or diagnose you. I’m trying to see if we can use separate language just for you.  2.4) Doesn't matter what school of therapy you come from. As long as you have a unique relationship with therapist, it will work for you. Slide 11  1) So the client knows they aren’t going to be forever dependent. You are signaling to the client they need to do things on their own after.  2) Rebirth is when you become your own person and not relying on anyone. You know what’s best for you. Slide 12  You plant a seed, if it has what it needs (sunlight, water) it grows into a tree. If not, it will be undeveloped. The rule of psychotherapy is to put all necessary conditions for full growth. Slide 15  Behaviorism didn't account for wondrous experiences to him. Slide 16  Trying to focus on positive psychological factors. Slide 17  2) It is corrective against all that negativity. Slide 19  1) Clear movement to thinking of a healthy personality and not be influenced by other people. Slide 21  Self-actualization is continuing to expand mental, physical capacities. They are always fulfilling it. Slide 22  1.1) In touch with reality.  1.2) Come to same problem with permeable idea of what to anticipate. They don't expect situation to be same and are able to perceive the change.  1.4) Kohlberg said the rules we agree on aren’t always our ethical conventional ones (it is not ethical for me so I have to do something else). Slide 23  1.1) They are sharing something you have. So when you make fun of them you are making fun of yourself really. Slide 24  1.3) Because they have fresh perception it could be but there not always creative. Slide 27  2.1) You are so focused on what is happening you forget about yourself. You are yourself but are fully functioning. Person that is looking on what you do is gone so you don't know what's good or bad. Slide 28  1.1) Ex: car accident. You can see things happening in slow motion. With that clarity you are out of time and space. Slide 31  1) Not survival potential. If your coming close to it you feel joy (predominant emotion) and if your not you feel suffering. Your potential might inclu
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