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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Maja Djikic

Lecture 6  The big 5 is just the big 5 but the five factor model is an interpretation  The five factor theory is a construction that talks about basic tendencies, characteristics and adaptations. It is a theory about why the five factor model exists as it does  Ex: big 5 is the ocean  Ex: five factor model is an interpretation of ocean  This is important for the test* Slide 12  1.1) People get upset if people pay attention to other people or pass the ball more to others in an experiment. Slide 13  1.1) Physically hurts you – it’s not that you think it hurts you it actually hurts you.  1.2) Death penalty or you have to leave the country. This need to belong is a recurrent feeling. Slide 14  1.1) Although we think they vary across culture they don't.  1.3) Expression of emotion is open to manipulation. Ex: we can smile even when we don't want to. Some parts of the body you can manipulate to look polite. Look at person’s eyes when smiling because even though they are smiling, their eyes aren’t. Some people may not be smiling but their eyes will. Slide 16  1.2) Men as perpetrator and victim. Slide 17  1) Males and females have different ceiling for reproduction.  1.3) Male stands in the way of another male for reproduction.  1.4) Bigger males are selected for because of the pressures of haves and have-nots. Those that get killed are smaller. Slide 18  When males resort to violence it is not anger or aggression it is humiliation – when one member of a group devalues another one. In an ape-way they make it seem you are a bottom of this status hierarchy and so a violence response occurs.  But why do people say humiliating things? Insecure person is being challenged and humiliates the other person to secure himself.  Intimidation is the same as putting down. Slide 19  1) Men and women should be jealous in a different way.  1.2) When a woman has a baby she knows it’s her but a man is unsure. Slide 22  1.2) It could be that women believe if a man is emotionally involved he will be sexually involved and men believe that if a women becomes sexually involved she will become emotionally involved. Slide 23  Biologically women get more attached when they sleep with men. Slide 24  1.2.c) Men would have sex with people they wouldn't date. Slide 25  1.1.a) Women were insulted because people actually ask them that question.  1.1.b) Men don't have to offer any resources to get sex. Men are less discriminating when it comes to sex.  2) Women have to worry about getting pregnant, sexually transmitted disease, safety but men have fewer things to worry about. Slide 26  1) Women go for resources and men go for hip to waist ratios.  1.4.a) Men know they are being tested and try to give a different answer not to agree to known stereotype about men wanting an attractive partner. In real life situations people may respond differently than when asked. In certain countries thinness is attractive whereas in others it is thickness. Slide 27  survival and non-survival instinct.  Problem is we have evolved numerous behaviors that are not survival and lead us to death without having children.  We find an extraordinary individual saving someone from train tracks – called hero but really they are stupid because they are helping and risking their life for a stranger. Slide 37  Become a different kind of person. Slide 38  1) Not true.  2) Died 12 years later in a bar fight. Invest in crazy scheme, lost money and family. Slide 39  2) Elliott not as emotional anymore. Had to do
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