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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Notes

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Psychology Lecture Notes Lecture 12 - Rogers: there are diseased models of psychopathology, sometimes considered an illness - Symptom constellation of schizophrenia can be produced by damage to specific parts of the brain - During depression: we know that serotonin levels drop, and its consequences, but is this an illness? o Ex. Primate at bottom of hierarchy is stressed, may develop ulcers, does this consitute illness? o What an illness is is not clear, mental illness is obscure subcategory of a category thats already obscure - A criminal is low in agreeable and conscientiousness - Illness is multidimensional; has to do with current state of function and surrounding community - Multiple personality disorder: has cycled historically for 400 years. No one hears anything about it, people forget it exists, and one caseis reported, then ten cases, keeps increasinguntil people think they are contrived and phony, then people forget about it again o Schizophrenia is a fragmented personality, not multiple personalities. - When Freud was alive, there were many female hysterics: this doesnt happen anymore, people starting to doubt if they even existed in Freuds time - Dont except an illness to be culturally malleable o Difficult to determine what causes undesirable states of being - Rogers believed deceit and lying caused undesirable state of beings o Easiest way to encourage the development of psychological illness you are most predisposed to develop is to surround yourself with family members who lie to you - Ex. In relationship, person betrays the trust, this means you are not in the dominance hierarchy you thought you were in, you are broken by such thing: serotonin levels drop and cortisol rises o Of all biological systems are prone to stress disorders - Even in medical models: there is dawning awareness that stress can increase probability of manifestation of any number of diseases - Disorder rate is higher when dominance hierarchy is steep o Status conflict: if its hard to climb up dominance hierarchy; they get touchy and aggressive because their path is blocked - Sociological causes of illness: obesity, mental health rates
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