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Hywel Morgan

Ivy Quach PSY240H1S th Lecture 1 – Jan 11 2013 DSMIV (Diagnostic Statistic Manual 4) Mood disorders are closely related to anxiety disorders Terminology: Co-morbid: Happen at the same time, pathologies that occur together Psycho-physiological disorder: commonly called multiple personality disorder, it doesn’t exist anymore on DSM3. Mind Altering Drugs: Alter the ways you think and behave Behaviour: Things that you DO, For Example: Aggression, studying, not studying, movement, smiling, happy, memory, memory is abehaviour to memorize. Your mind can be altered. Surprisingly substances can alter your mind. Personality Disorder: Long standing, inflexible, maladaptive, personality traits that impair social and occupational functional. are recognized by DSM4 as fairly permanent conditions, most come and go. Schitzophrenia: A group of psychotic disorders,characterized by major disturbances and thought, emotion and behaviour.... Anti-social disorder: person may be classified as psychopath. Psychosis: Detachment from reality, present but in own type of world. Thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. “Own little world” Emotion: Is overtly observable Examination of the definition of Norma using: 1. Statistical Criteria , to define what “abnormal” behaviour is. What deviates from the main (norm). For Example: Behaviour Test (Intelligence Quotient (IQ)) IQ = Actual Age/Chronological Age When IQ=100, this indicates that there is similiarity in between actual and chronological age, as there is a match (Normal). In Statistics parameters, we’re talking about standard deviation from the mean (norm). Approximately 2/3 of the population fall within 1-2 S.D. If you fall in the 1/3 parameter which is above or below the normal range, you are ABNORMAL. (Mental Retardation)<70
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