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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Fortune

Jan 13, 2012 Psychological disorder  Associated with psychological dysfunction  Causing distress & impairment  Atypical behaviour from cultural standpoint o E.g cognitive dysfunction-changes in cognitive function  Changes in emotion  Changes in behaviour  Diff degrees of dysfunction o Eg. Daily/ specific situation, other factors also affect, eg diet  Dysfunction classified as continuum instead of categorical  Cut off between normal to dysfunctional? Debatable Distress  Report being upset  Personal suffering  Some disorder where person does not report personal distress o Eg. Personality disorders o Not everyone is distressed by disorder Impairement  #1 reason for disorder is depression  Ppl don’t attend work because of depression however, some ppl function very well despite disorder Unexpected behaviour  Beliefs about danger/fear is irrational  How rare does behaviour have to be to be considered abnormal  Bell curve, normal in the middle, more extremes form the outer sides  Judgement relied on other ppl Behaviour is abnormal if violates social norm  Cannot be applied universally  Culture-relativism  Abnormality a subjective concept Mental Health professionals Scientist-practitioner model Clinician  Consumer of science o Keeping up to date with all the sciences of the day o Staying on top of scientific motions  Evaluator of science o Determining the effectiveness of the practice  Creator of science o Conducting research that leads to new procedures useful in practice studying psychological disorders  3 major approaches  Clinical description o Focuses on patients description of problem o How common disorder is in the community (prevalence)) o Incidence-how many new cases occurring in specific t
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