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Jan 27, 2012 *statistics of disorders need to know Research methods  Often misrepresented in journals Problems associated with researching abnormal psychology  Difficulty with clear cut answers o Thoughts and feelings are hard to measure o People don’t always tell the truth o Different clinicians have different perceptions  People change o How to categorize something that’s ever changing o Depression waning/changing, depending on environment as well  Abnormality has multiple causes o Most researchers don’t examine all factors that cause disorder, most focus on small area  Hard to manipulate variables o Eg, measure of stress ? how to manipulate. Variable measured in laboratory not the same as occurs in real life if understand research method, can understand more about disorder and their treatment Hypothesis o As specific as possible in order for testing Null hypothesis o No statistical relationship between dependent and independent variables o Depends on whether a statistical significant result o 5 times out of 100 the cut off for statistical significance Independent and dependent variable o Dependent variable is the variable that changes according to the independent variable, which is manipulated Reliability o Can it be replicated in diff laboratories and across time Internal validity o Degree to which variable is really due to independent variable Confound o Make results difficult to understand o Factor that could affect dependent variable other than independent variable o Any variable that could affect the result Dealing with confounding variables Randomization o Person is likely to end up in any treatment Control group Analogue models
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