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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Hywel Morgan

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 3 Notes 1 Ethical and Legal IssuesPsychologists environments clinicalmain one research teachingInformed consentPsychologists behaviourRiskharmTarasoffEthics in researchConfidentialityPsychologists EnvironmentAftermath of WWII majorly affected the ethical guidelines of psychologyNuremburg Trials after WWII because of it a set of guidelines of how to interact with people behaviourally and medically was createdNumber one most important concept from Nuremburg trial was the concept of informed consent Since they tested people without their consentNumber one ethical guideline for psychologist in training eg grads students is not having sex with clientsInformed ConsentInformed consent is the central aspect of ethics particularly clinical and also research Tell them their qualifications and training expertise and what you can expect of themWho cannot provide consent they would need parent or guardian consent Children up until age of 10 Mentally incapacitated people mentally retarded mentally delayed elderly who are demented people under influence of drugs the incarcerated in jailprofoundly depressed peopleRiskHarmClinical ethical guidelines in APACPA Number 1 I will not harm my client
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