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Abnormal Psychology Lecture 6 NotesThe anxiety and depression may be the source of or cause of somatoform and dissociative disordersSomatoform Disorders Somatization Disorders and Conversion Disorders Pain and Hypochondriasis Body Dsymorphic DisorderThese disorders are NOT psychosomatic diseases Psychosomatic illnesses are genuine physical ailments because of part psychological factors eg asthma is a psychosomaticSomatoform disorders are not genuine physical ailments psychosomatic are though Somatoform disorders are symptoms that suggest a physical disorder but cannot adequately be explained physiologically physically Eg someone feels like they are experiencing a heart attack but they are not actually experiencing one Due largely to psychological factors Difficult to discover because u need to rule out all psychologically things firstSystems are often but not always described in dramatic waysOther disorders such as anxiety disorders mood disorders and personality disorders often coexistSomatization Disorders Briquets syndromeOften marked by a history of diverse physical complaints Appear to be psychological in origin Many physical complains Complaints that are sexual in nature gastrointestinal or neurologicalIt is much more common in women by a factor of 21 Use to be called hysteria DSM for says it has to begin before the age of 30 and must include Four different pains Tow gastrointestinal systems One sexual symptom One pseudoneurological symptom
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