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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Hywel Morgan

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 2 NotesEtiological models of abnormal behaviourThe study of the causes of abnormal behaviour look up better definitiona Medicaldisease modelsb Environmental modelsgenetic modelssociocultural modelsbiochemical modelslearning modelsneurophysiologic modelshumanistic modelspsychoanalytical modelMedicaldisease ModelsGenetic Model Schizophrenia and depression have genetic component to these Eg If parents or grandparents have these its highly likely that they could tooYou cannot treat schizophrenia with psychotherapy Its a brain disorder genetic So only drugs can help with it Concordance rate of schizophrenia is 50Stress can make it so genetic dispositions more likely to happen eg schizophrenia etcDepression has a concordance rate of 80 even though its not clearly genetically Response equally to drugs and psychotherapy Biochemical Model Drugs that are most effective in treating depression effect serotonin they have too little of it Schizophrenia is when they have too much dopeamineNeurophysiologic Model StuffPsychoanalytical Model Freuds model of abnormal behaviour Proposed through psychoanalysis that psychopathology developed internally Came from intrapsychic conflict Environmental ModelsSociocultural Model Most widely prescribed to Social determinantsstressors Significant Stressors Death in the family loosing job divorce loosing a significant relationship starting a significant relationshipMore stress you have the more likely you are to be depressed
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