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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Hywel Morgan

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 9 NotesSubstance AbuseOne of the most common psychopathologies It is very common Drugs Something you take into your body that would alter your thoughts or behavioursCaffeine is most commonly used and abused drug Did experiment with reaction time and coffee cups drank 1 Cup causes a decrease in reaction time faster 2 Cups even greater decrease 3 cups even more decreaseIn order to feel normal you need the drug This is called tolerance Eg To feel normal in the morning you need to drink a cup of coffeeIf you do not get this coffee etc you feel withdrawalTerminologySubstance DependenceRepeated selfadministration resulting in tolerance and withdrawalSubstance AbuseLess severe pattern of use leading to life difficulties and health risksDrug of AbuseSubstance that alters consciousness Depressants stimulants cannabinoidsIngesting large amounts of water will change the PH levels of your blood This increases the PH level and gave the patient a highIs water a drug Technically yes according to our definition 4 Major Categories of Drugs CNS Stimulants Central Nervous System Stimulants Make neurons fire more frequently and in greater numbers DepressantsMakes you feel relaxed Does reverse of stimulants most common is alcohol Cannabinoids Weed Cannabis has unique effects on CNS seems to depend on the environment the drug is taken in and the metal state of the person taking in the drug Can have stimulant effects depressant effects or hallucinatory effects Hallucinogens Creates hallucinations
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