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Lecture 10

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Hywel Morgan

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 10 NotesPeople with personality disorders are difficult to work with Personality is diagnosed on axis II of DSMIt means that part of your personality is not working Even though you can treat it it is enduring they last10 personality disorders that are a part of 3 clustersPersonality disorders are Extreme patterns of thinking feeling and behaving personality traits that deviate from a persons cultureListed on Axis II of DSMIVTR This pattern must be evident in 2 or more of these domains Cognitive domain your thoughts about yourself and others Emotional responses what should your emotional response be to a D on final exam Interpersonal functioning response to someone saying they dont like you Impulse Control shooting someone if they say they dont like youOften egosyntonicperson may not see a problemCharacteristics of Pathological Personality Traits Inflexible cause clinically significant distress begin early in life and remain stablenot contextually or transientChildren are not considered to have personalities they have temperament Temperament is malleable personality is notAntisocial personality disorderAdults in addition who are unable to follow rules They dont understand social morals no guiltPeople with personality disorders usually report less stress or distress than Axis I disorders because they usually dont see a problem with it8090 of people with personality disorder dont seek treatmentHigherof people with personality disorders CEO politicians journalists chiefs etcLowestof people with personality disorders teacher therapist nurses etc
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