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Lecture 5

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Hywel Morgan

Abnormal Psychology Lecture 5 NotesDepression is NOT a funk A clinical depression is not a mood it doesnt come and go it comes and sticks aroundNumber one attribute of depression is its duration There is an intensity but its most defining attribute is a permanent alteration in mood state which is sadnessMood Disorders Unipolar disorders DepressionMajor depression Dysthymic disorders Melancholia Treatments Bipolar disorders Mania depression Mania Hypomania cyclothymic disorder TreatmentsThese categories are marked by emotional disturbances Schizophrenia is a flat affect depression is ONLY a sad affect These disorders spill over to disrupt PHYSICAL fatigue restlessness change in movement loss of appetite or weight gain PERCEPTUAL increased perception of threat nothing seems important anymore COGNITIVE changes in thoughts eg Im worthless SOCIAL not wanting to go out everyone else hates me etcUnipolar DisordersMajor DepressionThe reason we have happy and sad is because they teach us consequences They allow us to process information regarding punishment and rewardDepression is often described as sad miserable tearful inward looking fixated on whats going on inside themselves hopeless worried useless guiltyTreatment of DepressionSleep deprivation Not allowing the depressed person to sleep at all It is one of the first treatments of clinical depression When youre overly tired over 24 hours without any sleep it creates some combination of the release of hormones andor neurochemicals which makes u happierProblem It doesnt last
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