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Ch. 9, 10 - Mood disorders and suicide.

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Chapter 9 and 10: Mood Disorders and Suicide MOOD DISORDERS Types of Mood Disorders - Unipolar - Mood remains at one pole of the depression-mania continuum (usually depression) - Bipolar - Mood swings across the depression mania continuum (one minute depressed, the next, manic) (Many people may experience symptoms of depression, but not necessarily to a large enough degree to be considered a full depressive episode) Can also be divided by: - Exogenous depression linked to an event in life that may have triggered it - Endogenous not linked to a life situation that triggered it (internal factors, like neurotransmitters) Types of Unipolar mood disorders Major Depressive Disorder - 2 or more major depressive episodes (single episode = Major Depressive episode) Dysthymic Disorder - low grade depression lasting more than two years Double Depression - Experience major depressive episodes superimposed on dysthymic disorder Depression Diagnostic Criteria - Sad, depressed mood andor loss of interest and pleasure (anhedonia) in usual activities, plus 3 or 4 additional symptoms: - Sleep difficulties (major disruption) - Psychomotor agitation (must be apparent to other people)retardation (retardation=everything is a huge effort and move slower) - Change in appetite (eat too littlemuch)weight (at least a 5% change in weight) - Low energy, fatigue (day to day chores feel like huge energy expenders) - Feelings of worthless andor excessive guilt (like decisions that they regret from years ago) - Difficulties concentrating (like getting lost tracking conversations, work, reading) andor indecisive (must be a clear increase in indecisiveness) - Recurrent thoughts of death (the idea that death would be better than going on with life) or suicide (has many levels; like thinking about suicide to actual suicide attempts)
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