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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes

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Lecture 2 January 18, 2011 Diagnosis of Abnormality Advantages of classification Statistical purposes governments need to collect info to see various disorders talked about disorders reducing or increasing? Define and describe what it is youre talking about before understanding etiology why did it develop in the first place? Determine appropriate treatment Assist in making prediction or prognosis i.e. length of disorder Classification of diagnosis assists with communication and research in the field Assists communication with other professionals Relief to clients can go both ways, some disadvantages feeling of being labeled relief if youve been suffering from particular symptoms that you could not make sense of relief to know there is a name and treatment for it o I.e. borderline personality disorder Disadvantages of Classification Classification systems are somewhat arbitrary have to find a place to draw the line normal vs. maladaptive o Who determines where to draw the line? o Acceptability Classification ignores the continuum between normality and abnormality o Categorical versus dimensional approaches Assumes each disorder is instinct from other disorders but often, symptoms of different disorders overlap Classification systems can be misused o Disease model, labeling people working within disease model try to diagnose psychopathology sometimes even if it does not exist - lead to over diagnosis o Medical records can influence things such as life insurance, for example history of suicide attempts o Label can influence way individual is perceived, interpret behaviours differently in light of diagnosis Heterogeneity within diagnostic categories o People within a category should have certain symptoms in common depressed people should look relatively similar
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