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University of Toronto St. George
Neil Rector

PSY240H1 JANUARY 12 2012 60 MC final 90 to 100 mcFinal 70 of not covered and 30 previous What cause abmormality and treratments for themTentative understanding set of standards and we will try to cover all viewpoints biology social factors What is abnormal psychologyA psychological disorder a psychological dysfunction occurring within an individual ass with distress or impairment and is a atypical response not expected and not in realm we thought would have occurredPsych dys change in cognition or emotional fnctiony or breakdown down of emotional dysfunction depressed more aware of negative become indecisivce anxious overly occupied with threat psychosis delusions each problem own change in cognition Emotional chnges can be constant over days or weeks or extreme in a given context Changes in behavior with every psychopathology withdrawn and disengage Dysfunction goes over 3 levels and the degree to which they experience it not flying because they had no reason to fly and know idea of flying creates extreme distress acroos time or specific situation diet and sleep may effect idea on continuumOne problem with continuum have to decide where to draw the line for abnormal vs elevated most problems are very common 5 people hear voices not uncommon 30 report spontaneous panic attacks Ocd killing children Community 90 have these types of thoughts how cut off from ocd Binging most people report binging once a monthnd2 part of describing whether impairment or distress bc of that problem how measure it if report suffering with that dysfunction sometimes very clear speaking or tv and lose sleep 4 days before sometimes may not actually report distress such as personality disorder not complaining to themselves bother others very low insight and impactSituation not aware of suffering difficult they have disorder bc not all distress Dysfunction leads to impairment effecting a important aspect of their life number one disability is depression hard to work often case some for dysfunction impair fntion not all are impaired by it and function wellrd3 whether it is atypical considered abnormal unexpected response to environmental distresser must see their fear is irrational multimillion worries they become bankrupt know its irrational but cant stop
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