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University of Toronto St. George
Neil Rector

JANUARY 27 2012LECTURE 3 COMPONENTS OF A RESEARCH STUDY A HYPOTHESES B IND AND DEP VARIABLES C INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL VALIDITY RESEARCH METHODS A THE CASE STUDY B EPIDEMIOLOGIVAL RESEARCH C THE CORRELATIONAL MTHOD D THE EXPERIMENTREPEATED MEASUREMENTS WITHDRAWL DESIGNS MULTIPLE BASELINES E STUDYING BEHAVIOUR OVER TIMECROSSSECTIONAL DESIGNS LONGITUDINAL DESIGNS20 OF TEST FROM TEXTBOOKFACTUAL THEORY QUESTION HERE IS A CONCEPT WHAT SCHOOL AND APPLICATION CASE AND THINK WHAT THE DIAGNOSES MAY BENew news also misrepresentation of it in media only small part of puzzle not know quality of science behind the studies just say the experts say and dont know what academic community think of the researchbeing reported horribly wrong in bbc all results in opposite directionProblems associated with researching abnormal psychologyThoughts and feelings are hard to measurePeople changeAbnormality has multiple causesHard to manipulate variables How measure behavior that is frequently changingDepression waxes and wanes over time may depend on time on Monday morning dark and cloudy then on Friday sunnymost researchers dont work examining all features comprising an disorder and small part of puzzle all the time not genetics on condition and gender on conditionpull together knowledge from different perspectivesmeasure effects on stress on depression how do we do this bring someone in and make them stress to make them depressed
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