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University of Toronto St. George
Neil Rector

PSY240 FEBUARY 3 2012 NOT FACTUAL INFO ON NAMES AND DATES BUT CONCEPTLots of money to cover productivity losses to depressionIn Canada 25 to 3 billion annually estimate in 1998 3 quarters are depressed try to continue work Number average day depressed person missing work is 30 days In who number one cause of disability worldwide depression Clear and discouraging is Sylvia platt in the bell jar not moved from bed from 3 weeks straight watching the second hand move around clockDepression can vary from being severly impaired to more mild Different forms for different age children no could words to say depressed to produced through symptoims such as stomach aches Eldery take form of somativ problems Manic extremely talkable also experiencing depressionDsm 4 depression 2 disordersMajor depression or unipolar And bipolar depression or dipolar disorder Criteria for major depressive episodeCutoff from sad state to clinically depressedSad and down for 2 week period most of day in depressed stateDepressed mood mots of dayDiminished interest or pleasure in almost all activitiesOne of these 2 must be present for 14 day period depressed not feeling sad sadness equivalentSignificant weight loss or weight gain really hungry or not hungry 5 pound or greater shift5 in total symptomsInsomnia or hypersomnia3 different insomnia falling asleep initial waking up at many time middle waking up at 5 in morning is terminal and is most common lost in two hours in either directionPsychomotor agitation or retardation nearly every day minds very sluggish through neuroscience executive functions
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