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Treatment & Research Methods

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Lecture 3 Treatment and Research MethodsTreatmentBiological ApproachesDrug therapies Medication most common are antipsychotic drugsAtypical medications fewer side affectsmore affective for a wider range of psychotic symptomsAntidepressants different kindswork different ways but all trying to do the same thingsAntianxiety reduce the physiological symptoms barbiturates etcsMood stabilizers contain lithium keep mood in an avg rangeWhat medication use depends on the personfamily history what the person is looking for ie if someone comes to you with depression because their sexAre really popular because they are easy less time consuming hard to open uptalk to someoneetc puts the disorder into the medical realm makes the person feel better people may feel their are more immediate effects with using drugs insurance companies pay for itElectroconvulsive Therapy ECTelectric currentcreate seizuresbiochemical changes impact on depressionaccidental discoveryworks for some people not for others If workstends to be the most effective treatmentThere has been a lot of changesless intensity less length on time is no unilaterally now get muscle relaxantsSide effects disorientation headaches confusion memory dysfunctionused if a person has been on a lot of medicationnothing has worked OR when a person is acutely suicidal when there isnt enough time for medication to kick inNumber of treatments depends on how the person is responding to the treatmentPsychosurgeryactual change made to the brain cutting a connection removing a part of the brain etcwould use this way now for things like parkinsons disease SEVERED OCD epilepsyvery rareRepetitive Transcranial Stimulation
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