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Anxiety Disorders

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Lecture 5Anxiety Disordersworry vs anxietyWorrycognitive process get stuck on a thoughtAnxietyintolerance of uncertainty emotional reactionSUDSsubjective units of distresshas to be a unwanted distressing thoughtAnxiety is on a spectrummoderate level is healthy either spectrum is not healthy interfere with day to day functioningIf results in a change in behaviourmaladaptiveanxiety disorders is very common 20 of the population will have some kind of anxiety disorder at one point Usually if have one type will have another Anxiety can be a state and a trait personality style4 components somaticphysicalbodily symptom emotionalsense of dread terror cognitiveanything that has to do with some kind of thinking process behaviouralbehaviour that have in response to anxietywhat matter is how the person appraises the situation how they think they situation will work outTwo different people can have very different responsesBiological ModelsGenetic vunerabilitySome people have a genetic vunerability because of some temperamental factors might have to do with early attachment to their caregivers some peoples heart just beat faster than others etc Anxiety sensitivitytoo focused on any changes in their bodyBrain structurefunctionNeurotransmitters serotoninnoepipherine Biological Treatments common for anxiety because family physicians are the 1st people that affected go to Are effective for short term high relapse rate some sever
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