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Sexual Disorder & Dysfunctions

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Lecture 7Sexual Disorder and DysfunctionsA broad category include paraphilia identity disorder etcSexual BehaviourChanging view of sexual behaviour4th centurygreeks open and public women enjoy sex more than men doWestern culturemore restrictivedepends on society of the time differences in cultures of the societiesGay Lesbian and bisexual orientationSexualitybetter characterized on a continum alfred kinseyMost ppl in the middle if at extreme complete hetero or complete homosexual rareHomosexual DSM IIIdisorder but now its notchanged because ppl were like they arent distressed about it its not a problemhomosexual BEHAVIOURdont consider themselves as homosexual but engage in the behaviouranyways vs ORIENTATIONconsider self as homosexualBisexual behaviourhave sex with both sexes bisexual orientation higher rates of psychological disorder in LGBT community because of the stigma associated with self identifying as gay etc also have a high suicide rate slightly higher rate of psychological disorders in bisexuals because they feel like they dont fit in anywhere not with the homosexuals or with the heterosexualDSM DisordersSexuals disordersGender identity disorder feel like they were born into the wrong genderParaphiliamay even need that stimulus to feel arousal Sexual dysfunctionNormal Sex Functionmany opinions hard to study because any surveys will attract ppl who either have no sex at all or ppl who have a lot of sex also dont knowalso has to do with culture age religious group etc1960s sexual response studied in labsMasters and Johnson Have ppl have sex masturbate etcthen study what happens etcRevolutionary research1st ppl who brought sex into the lab and studied itDispelled myths
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