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Psychotic Disorders

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Lecture 8Psychotic Disordersppl with schiz not more likely to be violentPsychotic DisordersSymptomsHistory of Schizo1898 by Kraeplin called it dementia praecox early onset of intellectual decline focused on describing the outcomes didnt get into subtypes gets worse and worse over time1908 Bleuler fragmented mindsplit head breaking of associative threads ppl with it couldnt keep clear thoughts thought there were people who could improve others who could wax and wane etc His son found that 10 of the people with schizo 25 of ppl improved and remained recovered 50 fluctuatedthis not one thing called schizo but there are different subtypes this is where the name group of schizos came fromthe best studied mental illness BUT still kind of a mysteryDiagnosisnegative symptomseffective flattening not talking very muchbizarre delusionsno possible way it can happen in realityhallucinationsif is are running commentary of what they are doing or if its two people having a conversationhas to be interference in their life due to their symptomsOver 6 mthshave to have symptoms that lead up to the symptoms residualnot quite as fixed on their idea go back in forth1 in general pop more so in ppl with low socioeconomic status equally in males 1524 yo and females 2534 yo so males tend to be more chronic and more sever symptoms in males Estrogen MIGHT be a protective factor against schizo10 of ppl with schizo will commit suicideHIGH suicide ratecostly disorder8 of all hospital beds are for ppl with schizoPositive Symptoms Type I early stageswhen developing schizodistortion in normal functionDelusionsdistortion in what a person believes firm beliefes that a person hasmisperception of something
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