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Personality Disorders

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Lecture 10Personality DisordersAxis 1 disorders were talked about up until this point This is an axis 2longstanding patterndevelop early vary across ppl and situations Features of personality disorderPersistent pattern of experiences and behaviours that deviate from cultural norms Pattern has tb Manifested in thoughtscognitions events difference in the way they perceive or interpret the world their affect emotion may have limited range or really intense their relationshipsin their impulses self harm suicidal gesturesthese patterns have to be preservetraits come out no matter whatEARLY onset doesnt necessarily mean had all the symptoms at this pointClassification of PDsassociated with interpersonal disordersprobcant distinguish form normal functioning where does a normal trait become a pathological trait also hard to tell the difference between Axis 1 symptoms also not alto known about the origin of PDs not a lot of research on PDs except antisocial and borderline PDDSMIV Personality DisordersNo alto of empirical support that it should be in clusters anyways But can have a mix of things from different clustersParanoid PDmore of a pervasive patternits the way that they respond to the world in general not a reaction to a specific situation or personKnow the criteria for certain PDs052more in males than in femalestreatment can be helpful BUT may have problems trusting the therapistSchizoid PDcompletely detached from the relationship dont really seek out relationshipsNOT a long of range of emotionsSchizoid Typal
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