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Lecture 3

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Lecture 3Treatment of Abnormality and Research Methods Biological ApproachesDrug Therapiesex antipsychotic antidepressant antianxiety mood stabilizerElectroconvulsive Therapy ECTpass electrical current through head which triggers seizuresPsychosurgeryremove part of the brain thought to be implicated in the disorderRepetitive Transcranial Stimulationuses powerful magnets to stimulate targeted areas of the brain results in long term changes in the neurotransmitters in synapses What is PsychotherapyAny psychological approach to treatmenttherapy Different modalitiesindividual group family coupley Advantages of individual therapymay feel less intimidated less inhibited bound by confidentiality all attention put on you y Advantages of group therapycan see more people in treatment more people have the chance to get help wait lists can be very long more cost efficient some enjoy group sessions some have social phobia forcing someone to do something to help themy Disadvantage of individual therapythe cost can be quite a bit for individual sessionsy Disadvantage of group therapyharder to get specific attentionhelp must share the time with other people may not be comfortable in social settingsexposing problems with others Different modelspsychodynamic interpersonal behavioural cognitive humanistic existentialTherapeutic RelationshipEmpathy relate where that person is at take in their perspective Genuineness being honest when you say someone can get through something people can pick up on things you might not Unconditional positive regard Respect Development of trust Foster mean be honesttreatments out there to help Collaboration on the same page expectancy of hope and changeas to what they want to accomplish work side by side to accomplish goals work as a team Goals of Most PsychotherapiesFostering insight awareness and selfunderstandingReducing emotional distresspeople want to feel better less anxiety etc Encouraging catharsisacknowledgement and release of affectacknowledge what yourefeeling often done through talking about whats going on in your lifeProviding new informationtalking about the diagnosis symptoms what happens over time treatments for certain disorders Assigning outside therapy taskstake skills that they learned in a session and go out in the realworld and test it out apply their skills important for treatment to be successful bw sessions Development of hope and positive expectationstreatment can be effective can feel betterPsychodynamic Therapy
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