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Lecture 5

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Anxiety Disorders Symptoms of AnxietySomaticex does your heart rate increase when you see the class y Goosebumps emerge muscles tense heart rate increases respiration accelerates andor deepens spleen contracts peripheral blood vessels dilate liver releases carbohydrates bronchioles widen pupils dilate perspiration increases adrenaline is secreted stomach acid is inhibited bladder relaxes salivation decreasedEmotionalex do you feel hopeless when it comes to school work y Sense of dread terror restlessness irritability Cognitiveex do you think about it so much that it affects your gradesy Anticipation of harm exaggerating of danger problems in concentrating hypervigilance worried thinking fear of losing controldying sense of unreality Behaviouralex does it stop you from actually going to class y Escape avoidance aggression freezing decreased appetite responding increased aversive responding Anxiety can be seen as a state or a trait y Stateget a certain way before an eventex anxious that there is a major test on Friday y Traitlike a personality style doesnt matter what the environmental situation or triggers are will feel anxious regardless of everything elseSome people have a lot of anxious thoughts ex thinks of catastrophes always worrying etc but dont experience a physical effectsome will just go through behavioural anxiety feel anxious about something but not thinking all these negative thoughts Models of AnxietyBiologicalPsychodynamicBehaviouralCognitiveBiological ModelsGenetic vulnerabilityy Certain genes that affect vulnerability some people just naturally go through the physical response ex sweat more heart beats faster and they may interpret that automatically as anxiety some people go through separation anxiety from parents more so than othersy Some research says anxiety disorders run in familiesis it due to biological factors though ex genes or environmental factorsBrain structurefunction y Is there certain areas in the brain that if triggered leads to anxietyneurotransmitters may affect these certain areas and cause the symptoms such as increased heart rate etc
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