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Neil Rector

PSY240H1 FEBRUARY 17 2012 Anxiety disordersAnxiety can be transient can pop up in any given situation only when exposed to spidersFleeing or transientOr present all day long tense on edge all day longNormal anxiety and level be anxiety disorder Few terms used in lit The relationships among anxiety fear and panic attackAnxietynegative effect outlook of threat rather then past like depression somatic symptoms of tension future orientated feelings that one cannot control upcoming events Fearnegative effect strong sympathtetic nervous system arousal immediate alarm reaction characterized by strong High levels of fear focus on panic attacks ANXIETY DISORDERSUp to 25 permutationsAgoraphobiaperson expects to have panic attack fear of market place restaurants and so on Panic disorder withwithout agoraphobia 50 develop agoraphobiaSpecific phobia insects weather conditions Social phobia excesses fear of being judged by otherObsessivecompulsion disorder intrusions impule followed by compulsive rituals to reduce anxiety Post traumatic stress disorder unwanted intrusions about that trauma avoiding things remind them of the situationAcute stress disoreder time fram different 4 weeks following a traumatic eventGeneralized anxiety disorder excessive fear and worry about life domains and worried cant control it aend up in tense physical stateThe costs of anxietyHighest lifetime prevalence rates146 or 20 one in five experience anx disorder lifetime prevalence millions in Canada27 miilion in the US 45 MILLION inc Canada in candna 1 third goes to managing anxiety disorders 1990 47 billion dollarsAnxiety disorders
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