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Neil Rector

Lec 5 midterm Lec 6 Anxiety disorder Anxiety Can be sth very transienteg afraid of spider only when encounter spider Can be present day longmost time see threats in many different aspects in their life The relationships among anxiety fear and panic attack Anxiety Negative affect Somatic symptoms of tensiontense on edge Futureoriented we usually anxious when we think sth that not work out Feelings that one can not predict or control upcoming events Fear Negative affect Strong sympatheticresponse and urge to escape Negative system arousal Immediate alarm reaction Characterized by strong Escapist tendencies in response to present danger or lifethreatening emergencies Sometimes fear can be so strong and become panic attack overlaps with fearfear occurring at an inappropriate time sitting in the theater and all of sudden have a emotion Anxiety disorders using psy approach to treat Even you not actually behave it out 25 different anxiety problems agoraphobiafearful going to the certain context Fear of the market place People fear to go public place like mall panic disorder withwithout agoraphobiausually develop 2rd agoraphobia specific phobiafear of animal or insects weather condition afraid of environment context social phobiasocial anxiety disorder doing sth humiliating in front of other people fear of being judged or evaluated by other people obsessivecompulsive disordergetting unwanted harmingintrusion if you feel you are going to be sick for touching the door hand you are going to wash your hand repetitively posttraumatic stress disorder unwanted intrusions about trauma usually hyperactivation of nervous system acute stress disorderdevelop symptoms within 4 weeks following dramatically event generalized anxiety disorderexcessive fear and worrydoes not feel like they can control itphysically intense can not relaxthe costs of anxiety highest lifetime prevalence 146 lifetime prevalence15 adult likely to experience 269 million in US
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