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Lecture 7-Eating Disorders Mar 1

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Neil Rector

Lecture 7: Eating Disorders N Surveys found that the majority of young women and a third of young men wish to lose weight. 45% of women and 25% of men are actively dieting to control their weight. 15-20% of women are constantly on a diet. 75% of young American girls have been on a diet even under the age of 10, yo- yo dieting, losing weight those who suddenly lose weight tends to gain the weight back perhaps even more then they lost. Some more extreme terms such as taking out the fat or wiring the jaw shut. Lots of people spend money on weight loss is equivalent to the budget of education, social services. What is the preoccupation of weight is solely for the looking good. N Average percentage of expected weight of playboy centerfolds and Miss America contestants, is a linear decrease, images in popular media show women as thinner and thinner. Trends in BMI the majority of miss American winners have a BMI that is unhealthy. There are overt pressure for being 9KL3J %K070,70.4;07943088:.K,8ZK,9Z420380,9 03880O1-esteem is not as focused on weight however it is changing. N Eating disorders werent in the DSM III until the 1980s, it was an adolescence stomach disorder. In DSM IV anorexia(not eating) and bulimia (bingeing) nervosa became 2 separate disorders in DSM 1994. Both preoccupied with controlling eating Anorexia Nervosa N Anorexia= loss of appetite N Nervosa= for emotional reasons N People with this disorder restrict the food they intake N DSM IV Criteria o Patient must be 15% below normal weight (average patient with AN is 25-30% below normal weight) Body mass index table (BMI): bone structure of the person, height and you get the idea weight of the person in pounds, either normal, overweight, or obese o In women, loss of period Amenorrhea objective indicator that weight has gotten too low o Intense fear of gaining weight, not reduced with weight loss o L8947908038041-48K,50 085L90-0L3J9KL39K08009K0280O;08L39K02L7747,81,9 9K02L8507.0L;09K0L74Z3-4L08,38009KL3J89K,9,70397057080390d in reality) their self worth is contingent upon their weight and how they are controlling their eating. They tend to measure their weight, and spend hours critically examining themselves in the mirror. Some might exercise excessively as a way of keeping the weight down. N DSMIV Subtypes o Restricting type: maintaining low body weight by refusing to eat. go for days without eating. Eat the bare minimum to stay alive and to keep family pressures in check. Tends to be more suspicious, less trusting, on alert and copes through denial, not in touch with emotions. Recent literature: more obsessive o Bingepurge type: person engages in bingeing and purging behaviors. They eat a small binge and then purge it. It is enough to maintain their body weight. The bingeing is small in ordinary terms. People who bingepurge have more serious psychopathology. More personality disorders and more difficulties with impulsive behaviors, drug and alcohol abuse more common and more suicide attempts. More emotionally reactive. N Insight is not required for the diagnoses of anorexia. They have very little insight that this is a psychological problems, this is a reason why it is hard to treat because they tend to disagree with those who tell them their weight is low Epidemiology of Anorexia Nervosa N 90-95% diagnosed with AN are female N Oneset begins in early to middle teenage years o Beginning to diet and falling into a lot of life stress such as parental divorce N 50% recover in 4 years-30% still AN 4 years +
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