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Lecture 8

Lecture 8-Gender Identity

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Neil Rector

Gender Identity - individual sexual self-concept; feeling of being male or female - influenced by: - genetic makeup. - physical makeup - hormonal makeup - parentalfamily influence - socialcultural influence - differs from sexual preference Diagonising GID - strong and persistent, cross-gender identification - Z]ZL]Z }K}}}L[ZZZ]2LZ - presence of clinically significant distress - exclusion: schizophrenia (100% convinced vs. belief for GID), hermaphrodites (both male and female genitalia) - differencial: transvestism - Z]o]Z]L}oZZ]L2]L}KL[Z o}Z]L2}Zo}ZoL2]] ]}L Types of GID - two types of GID in adults (more common in males than females) - NON-transexual: uncomfortable with their sex, frequently cross dress, no desire to change anatomy -Transsexual: intense desire to change sexual identity and anatomical status - occurs in homosexual and heterosexuals - early onset about 3- puberty GID in childhood - most adults with GID report a history of cross-dressing behavior - parents usually detect cross-gender behavior before age 3 Causes of GID Biological: may cause by androgens (male hormone) deficiency in the prenatal brain in males and androgen excess in females PsychologicalFamily: cross-gender dress and behavior is encouraged and reinforced Treatment for GID Sex Reassignment Surgery - accept transsexual identity as ^correct ^ - hormonal treatment, development of secondary sex characteristics, adopt cross-sex role for 2 years, sex reassignment surgery - more successful for male-> female - OHIP stopped covering the surgery as of 1999 Sexual Identity Change - positive reinforcement of sex appropriate behaviours (to match their biological sex) and punishment of cross-sex behavior -largely behavioural interventions to change behavior and patterns of sexual arousal
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