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Lecture 10

Lecture 10-Substance Related Disorder Apr 8

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Neil Rector

PSY240: April 08 Substance Related Disorder Percentage of US population using drugs in the past month alcohol and cigarettes are the highest heroin is the lowest percentage using for Canada are on the rise of all deaths is linked to alcohol Substance Related Conditions Recognized by the DSM-IV substance intoxication substance abuse substance dependence substance withdrawal Substance Intoxication behavioural and psychological changes that occur as a direct result of the physiological effects of a substance on the CNS the specific symptoms of the intoxication depends on what substance is taken, how much is taken, how long the substance has been ingested, as well as the users tolerance levels peoples expectations about a substances effects influence the symptoms shown the environment or setting where the substance is taken can influence the types of symptoms people develop only given when there is severe impairment, adverse outcome predicted, social situation suffers or legal problems. Substance Abuse the diagnosis of SA is given when the persons recurrent use of a substance results in significant harmful consequences there are 4 categories of harmful consequences that s
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